Fresh Film Festival

Festival Programme 2021 22 - 28th March 2021

Fresh Film is proud to be supported by: Arts Council

Fresh International Film Festival and the Heats are also supported by: Limerick City and County Council and The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.



Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Fresh International Film Festival programme will be online in 2021.

This page is currently being updated so please bear with us as we get the programme ready for you.

For more information, to secure a place and to access films (from the 22nd March) please contact

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Mon 22nd March
    10:00 amOnline for more information email€0.00
     Workshop: ‘Make Film History’ Make Your Own Archive Documentary

    Are you interested in gaining access to the vaults of the BBC, Irish Film Institute, British Film Institute and Northern Ireland Screen  to create your own archive documentary, just by using your phone? 

    The Make Film History project is delighted to join with Fresh International Film Festival to present this free workshop where you can:


    • Film and edit videos using your smartphone, tablet and laptop
    • Hear from award-winning filmmaker Tadhg O’Sullivan and ask him about the use of archive in his work 
    • Gain access to moving image collections from the Irish Film Institute, BBC, British Film Institute and NI Screen
    • Produce your own archive-inspired documentary


    Mon 22nd March 10:30 am - 12:15 pm€0.00
     Screening: Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Finalist Programme 1Ireland's Young Filmmaker of the Year 2021

    See the first programme of finalists in Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year 2021

    Tue 23rd March 1:00 pm - 2:45 pm€0.00
     Screening: Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Finalist Programme 2

    See the Second programme of finalists in Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year 2021

    Tue 23rd March 1:30 pm - 3:30 pmOnline - For access to the collection contact€0.00
     Screening: Coming of age and identity – A selection of Irish short films

    A selection of award winning Irish short films exploring themes of identity and coming of age.

    Tue 23rd March 10:00 am - 11:30 am€0.00
     Feature Film. ‘The Image You Missed’

    Donal Foreman | Arthur MacCaig

    Ireland/USA/France | 73mins | 2K digital | 4:3 Written, directed & produced by Donal Foreman Executive produced by Nicole Brenez & Philippe Grandrieux 


    Suitable for TY +

    This multi award winning film explores history, identity, filmmaking and storytelling and would be a unique discussion piece for your classwork on ‘The Troubles’ 

    Screenings are free of charge

    For information on how to access the film through Fresh International Film Festival please contact

    The Image You Missed

    Wed 24th March All DayOnline live contact Fresh for access to the workshop and film€0.00
     Workshop: Puppet Making for animation with CRTL+ART+DLT



    For Primary school groups


    For access to these films please contact Fresh on